Rev Noah Chikuni


Rev  Noah Chikuni


Reverend Noah Chikuni was born to Aaron and Prisca Chikuni (nee Mutsingo) on 29 June 1972, being the third born in a family of six.


He did his primary and part of his secondary education at Pafiwa School in Mutasa before completing his Ordinary Levels at Moyoweshumba High School.

He was called to ministry in 1997 and was first stationed at Mundenda as an assistant pastor before going to school the following year to do Conference Course of Study

His pastoral ministry thereafter took him to Marara (1998-2000), Nyanga West (2001), Honde South (2002- 2006), Mutasa West (2007-2009), Seke South (2010-2011), DomboraMwari (2012 -2016) and now at Cranborne since 2017 to date.

He married Tazviona Martha in April 2003 and they are blessed with four children, Desire, Mitchell, Divine and Dylan, the latter two being twins.

Rev Chikuni is a holder of a Diploma in Religious Studies from the University of Zimbabwe.

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