Mukristu usade kunzwirwa tsitsi nevanhu- Pastor S Fusire

Good Friday Preacher : Pastor Shepherd Fusire Bible reading: Isiah 53:1-5 Phil 2:9-11 Thème : Mukristu usade kunzwirwa tsitsi nevanhu 🤷‍♀ As à Christian why should you look for sympathy from people- Jesus suffered for you 🌱Jesus was persecuted. Most people didn’t know Mission ya Jesus kuti hé came to liberate us 🌞That time people […]

Muteweri waKristu ngaazivikanwe neRudo (Maundy Thursday): Rev F Kamsono

Maundy Thursday Service Speaker: Rev Farai Kamsono Bible reading John 13:34-35 Thème: Muteweri waKristu ngaazivikanwe neRudo 📚Thé purpose of book of John is to tell the history of Jesus , that Jesus is our Messiah, hé came to heal the whole earth. ✅Jesus is the bread of life, water of life ✳Maundy Thursday is the […]

Wakaitei chinoita kuti Denga rigokurangarira (Easter Wednesday) – Pastor Chikwepe

Speaker : Pastor Chikwepe Bible reading : Matt 26:6-13 Thème : Wakaitei chinoita kuti Denga rigokurangarira 🌴Lazarus died and Jesus came and raise him from the dead. 🌻Jesus came after 4 days after Lazarus died and Lazarus came back to life 💐Nomatter how our situations may look like , when there is no hope in […]

Mwari Wedu ndiMwari Chaiye – Rev Muchesa

Sunday 8 March 2020 ⛪Sermon by Rev Muchesa 📖Bible Reading Acts 17 verses 16 to 31 🔥 Mwari wedu ndiMwari Chaiye 🛐God exists and He loves us truly and He takes care of us 🛐Mwari wedu, ndiMwari wezuva, ndiMwari wemwedzi, ndiMwari wembereko, ndiMwari wemari. Therefore we don’t believe in the sun god and the moon […]


Sermon Nuggets with Tatenda Zata Sunday 1 March 2020 ⛪Sermon by Evangelist Kamupira (Muvhangeri Mukuru) 📖Bible Reading Matthew 4 v 18 to 22 Mufundisi ndiani Mufundisi munhu akadaidzwa, when Jesus saw them, he called them and said follow me 📖 Matthew 10 v 7 to 10 🌟Go and tell them that the Kingdom is at […]

Ash Wednesday- Time to Repent

Wednesday 26 February 2020 ⛪Sermon by Rev N Chikuni It’s time to repent💪🏾🛐 ✨ Bible Reading 📖Jonah 3 v 1 to 10 📖Isaiah 1 v 18 🎤Hymn 159🎶 🗣God is calling us to repent and improve our standards 🌚People have lowered the standard and this has corrupted us as Christians 🤦🏾‍♂ 🔯Back in the day, […]

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