Muteweri waKristu ngaazivikanwe neRudo (Maundy Thursday): Rev F Kamsono

Maundy Thursday Service Speaker: Rev Farai Kamsono Bible reading John 13:34-35 Thème: Muteweri waKristu ngaazivikanwe neRudo 📚Thé purpose of book of John is to tell the history of Jesus , that Jesus is our Messiah, hé came to heal the whole earth. ✅Jesus is the bread of life, water of life ✳Maundy Thursday is the […]

Wakaitei chinoita kuti Denga rigokurangarira (Easter Wednesday) – Pastor Chikwepe

Speaker : Pastor Chikwepe Bible reading : Matt 26:6-13 Thème : Wakaitei chinoita kuti Denga rigokurangarira 🌴Lazarus died and Jesus came and raise him from the dead. 🌻Jesus came after 4 days after Lazarus died and Lazarus came back to life 💐Nomatter how our situations may look like , when there is no hope in […]

Mwari Wedu ndiMwari Chaiye – Rev Muchesa

Sunday 8 March 2020 ⛪Sermon by Rev Muchesa 📖Bible Reading Acts 17 verses 16 to 31 🔥 Mwari wedu ndiMwari Chaiye 🛐God exists and He loves us truly and He takes care of us 🛐Mwari wedu, ndiMwari wezuva, ndiMwari wemwedzi, ndiMwari wembereko, ndiMwari wemari. Therefore we don’t believe in the sun god and the moon […]

The Importance of Lent – Ms Kawadza

Sunday 8 March 2020   Teaching by Tete  Kawadza   What is Lent   Definition   🍂Period of 40 days before Easter 🍂Begins on Ash Wednesday, it’s a period of meditation and reflection 🍂Symbolised by fasting and prayer 🍂There is spiritual preparation 🍂The 40 day period ends with Easter Sunday   🛐Penitence   🔥To be […]


Day Two of the Cranborne UMC End of Year Revival saw Dzivarasekwa Pastor In Charge Reverend Taurai Emmanuel Maforo take centre stage with a compelling sermon entitled “When God speaks last”. The sermon came as scores of people continue to invade Cranborne as the news of the revival continues to spread within the country and […]


The highly anticipated Cranborne Circuit End of Year Revival began in earnest last night with Mutoko South Pastor In Charge Pastor Shepherd Fusire opening the revival with a great sermon. Congregants from Cranborne and some from other circuits within the United Methodist Church connection converged at Cranborne, giving the revival the perfect start it warrants. […]


Cranborne Circuit is finalising preparations ahead of the End of Year Revival slated for 4-10 November 2019. This year’s revival will have the presence of seasoned preachers including Pastor Shepherd Fusire, Reverends Juliet Chirowa, Togarasei Bobo, Takura Bango, DS Rev Godknows Risinamhodzi, Taurai Maforo and Mr Nyamuda. The circuit’s society choirs as well as the […]

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