Giving pt 2 – Rev Nyagato

Continuation of previous week’s teaching on giving yourself to the Lord.

We need to take note of pegging contributions for people in the house of the Lord. You contribute/give according to what you have and understand.

– Genesis 17 vs 1&2&10
– Romans 4 vs 11&12


Abraham is now told to change his name and his wife’s name too, the church is like a wife – mukadzi anogarira vana vake. We want Christians who move to another level than being on the same standard. The purpose of pastors is to make a person who is at par and works with the Lord. Our Lord is able to do anything, what He could do long back He can still do it now.

Give yourself to the Lord and he will do the rest. 9 demons were cast out in a man by a single man using the name of Jesus. The man had the Lord’s authority not his own. All that a Christian does is not by their own power and we should not take ownership; it is through the Lord. If you believe in Jesus, he will be with you and the Holy Spirit.

Our God is practical and does not lie.

– Numbers 23 vs 19

What God says He fulfils. God is principled, He does not swerve. Hence Christians should not swerve or not be moved/changed by the situation. The righteous/upright and evil do not mix.

– John 14 vs 10-11.

They 2 can live together but they are totally different; they can’t mix
When one merges with the Lord – when they prevail it’s the merger of them and the Lord is one.

– John 17 vs 12-17

All things happening on the earth as a Christian you will be a player, good/bad but your purpose now is to stand and be guided by the Lord eg. Lot, it is a tough world, men wanted to take angels as their wives even refusing Lots children. The world is a very very filthy place.
A Christian should always stand by the Lord, you must not join the earthly things. It is more blessed to give than to receive, when giving yourself to the Lord, the whole body should be the Lord’s property.

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