Cranborne Circuit observed Laity Sunday with a special service as it remembered and celebrated its departed and living members.

Laity Sunday is a special Sunday established by the General Conference to be observed on the third Sunday in October.

Laity Sunday focuses on the celebration of the ministry of all lay Christians. On the day, Laity Sunday is observed by having lay persons lead all parts of the worship service.

Cranborne took time to remember all its members who passed on from 2020 to date with a moving segment led by the Pastor In Charge Reverend Dr Gift Machinga in which he shared words of comfort and hope to the families of the dearly departed members.

In keeping with the tradition on Laity Week where Cranborne remembers its own for their outstanding service and service, 2021 saw the church recognise and celebrate medical practitioners, most of them who have front lined amidst the global coronavirus pandemic.

Mrs Junior Nyambayo then delivered a teaching sermon under the theme ” Beyond the COVID pandemic – Steering the gift of faith and rekindling the spirit of love in which he reminded the church to endeavour to live positively and keep the Christian values intact post the pandemic.

The service was led by Mr Hardwin Sithole, Mrs Christine Musukutwa being the day’s leay leader, Mrs Majaji on Bible readings with the usual characters very much taking a front row seat in the crowd, signifying the beauty of the day.

Families of departed members came all out to participate in the ultimate tribute from the church.

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