The late church member and MUMC Chorister Mr Jonathan Chinyuku who died on Friday 9 October 2020 was laid to rest in his rural village Murewa on Sunday 12 October 2020.

Cranborne Circuit, led by Pastor In Charge Reverend Dr Gift Machinga and the Cranborne MUMC Choir and other circuit members attended the funeral on a dark day for the church as they had two funerals running simultaneously with the late church icon Mrs Bertha Mvundura’s funeral service happening in the capital.

Reverend Machinga’s message chronicled the life of Solomon who had great wisdom, lots of women and wealth and power but all, in his message, was vanity.

He reiterated that with that in mind, the most important thing in life is having the fear of the Lord.

Chinyuku was described as a unifier, loving and kind person who helped needy people in the community.

He also was renowned for encouraging his children and relatives to go to church.

The church, through his friend Mr Samuel Kapfumvuti, described him as a man who was passionate about worshipping the Lord.

His favourite song, Upenyu Hwangu Hunofara was thematic throughout the service as almost every participant giving a speech would sing the song.

The Cranborne MUMC Choir, a choir he was part of as it won two consecutive music honours at conference level, sang Mumwe Ariko Pamusoro as they paid tribute to their fallen comrade in faith.

Chinyuku is survived by five children.


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