A key figure and lead pastor during the formation of Cranborne United Methodist Church, Reverend Professor Webster Mutamba, described the late founding member of Cranborne United Methodist Church, Mrs Bertha Mvundura, as a “beacon of excellence”, who made a significant contribution in the lives of the people around her.

Speaking from the United States, Prof. Mutamba expressed deepest condolences to her husband, Amon, her four children, Cranborne Church community, the Zimbabwe East Annual Conference and the country.

He said Mrs Bertha Mvundura was “a Christian woman of sophisticated simplicity”, humble and simple, yet sophisticated in her Christian influence in the family, church community and country.

Prof Mutamba said one of the major beacons of excellence in Christian living is reflected in our children.

“Mrs Mvundura’s children should praise God for having a mother who was so loving, hard-working, who moulded them into what they are today. Mrs Mvundura’s radiant smile in hard and soft times of life, uplifted those she encountered as mother advisor to the youth and the women she worked with in the Rukwadzano Rwe Wadzimai (RRW)”

He said that Mrs Mvundura was the culinary expert and advisor at episcopal functions in the then Zimbabwe Annual Conference.

He said it was no wonder the Zimbabwean government hired her as an events manager for state functions.

She was seconded to Namibia because of her spectacular performance in Zimbabwe.

Meanwhile, Mrs Mvundura’s children, who are abroad, are expected to attend their mother’s funeral, as
church services continue in her memory, at 42 Arlington Road, Logan Park, Harare.
*Rev. Prof. W.F. Mutamba, was the lead pastor for Cranborne UMC and preached the first sermon, inaugurating Cranborne UMC in 1989. He is now professor of health economics, communications, Journalism, English and development theology.

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