Cranborne Circuit has been plunged into mourning yet again following the passing on this morning of one of its pioneering members Mrs Bertha Mvundura.

She was 75.

Mrs Mvundura and her husband Amon together with other families and individuals helped lay the foundations for the formation of Cranborne United Methodist Church in 1989.

In 2016, she and her husband were recognised together with other founding members with a boardroom named in their honour for their outstanding contributions to the genesis of this circuit.

The boardroom is called the Mvundura boardroom.

In her illustrious career, she was once the youth mother advisor, served in various roles in the RRW and was once part of the district entertainment committee.

Her calming presence was a permanent feature and she represented the lasting symbols of a generation that included the dearly departed Mazaiwanas, Makutos, Mbuya Dlamini, the Magoshas and many to mention but a few.

She is survived by her husband Amon and four children Barbra, Thelma, Floyd (Rev) and Rebecca.

Mourners are gathered at 46 Arlington Road, Logan Park, Harare.

Burial arrangements are still to be finalised.

Services will be held from today at 6pm in her honour at the family residence ahead of her burial.

The death of Mrs Mvundura has led to an outpouring of messages on social media with many paying tribute to her.

More details, stories and updates will follow as we celebrate and recollect on the life of the late Mrs Mvundura.

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