After an arduous wait for the commencement of in person worship at the sanctuary, Cranborne Circuit made and assured but smooth return to meeting in the famous sacred building on Sunday 27 September 2020.

Following consultations precipitated by the gradual relaxation of measures put in place by the state in the wake of the COVID 19 epidemic, the first feel of life in the sanctuary was one to behold.

Twice inside 2020 have people been made to find an alternative way to worship through social media platforms Facebook and Youtube due to the coronavirus scourge which has decimated the world and disturbed the social fabric and church as we know it.

Just to get the sense of what this meant, it was only prudent that the first person to arrive at the church had to be a founding principle, Mr Amon Mvundura.

“We have been following via Facebook during this period. It is good to be back. I am happy to be back. Those who will follow will follow but i have taken the lead. We pray that the Lord protects us in these times,” he said.

That feeling was evident as congregants expressed themselves, sulked in the familiar feel of a live worship service, something they had missed in months.

Health guldelines were followed with people wearing masks, socially distancing in the church and sanitising their hands in the entry points.

The church was blessed with the presence of the Administrative Assistant to the Bishop Reverend Alan Masimba Gurupira and Amai Tendai Gurupira with Reverend Gurupira giving us a short sermon and a teaching with capped the SPPR Week.

The church briefly celebrated the belated birthday for Rev Chikuni and appreciated the pastors.

Mrs Beauty Mungomezi stood in for the layleaders with the Pastor In Charge Reverend Dr Gift Machinga leading.

Associate Pastor Reverend Noah Chikuni as well as Reverend Archiford Muchingami and Pastor Patience Chikwepe were all present with the conference MUMC music champions Cranborne MUMC Choir delivering the much needed sound bite to get the church back in its familiar groove.

The service marked the first time the church was congregating without two special women who were part of the church prior to the second lockdown – Mrs Winnet Jakachira and Mrs Rutendo Nyanyiwa.

Both departed to eternal glory inside the first half of August 2020 and their absence was recognisable with their familiar sitting places bereft of their presence. (May their souls rest in peace)

Other than the sound of music and unbridled happiness and emotion inside the sanctuary, there was the familiar sight of the birds perched on top of the sanctuary with the emblem placed firmly below them.

Indeed, we are back home!

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