Mukristu usade kunzwirwa tsitsi nevanhu- Pastor S Fusire

Good Friday

Preacher : Pastor Shepherd Fusire

Bible reading:
Isiah 53:1-5
Phil 2:9-11

Thème : Mukristu usade kunzwirwa tsitsi nevanhu

🤷‍♀ As à Christian why should you look for sympathy from people- Jesus suffered for you

🌱Jesus was persecuted. Most people didn’t know Mission ya Jesus kuti hé came to liberate us

🌞That time people didn’t want to associate with Jesus because of his looks and dressing yet they didn’t know he is the Messiah

🌾Most people want to be associated with big preachers or prophets who speaks with authority

🌻Children of Israel were fighting for identity and covering of Lord Jesus- if you move away from Jesus covering Satan will attack…. kukuita Party

🌳When faced with challenges please pray

✅There is time you need to say enough is enough

🙏Jesus was a suffering servant he didn’t stop serving until his cruxification

✍Jesus upbringing was not worthy to tell but he is the same person who save us from sins

🙏Jesus was humble from the word Go

🤝Humility is the way to be exalted

🏃‍♀Run to Jesus when faced with situations

🙏Dont accept failure in your life

✅Ngatizvidurure pamberi paMwari. Challenges came to strengthen us and to Humble us

🙏Brokeness candidates us to God’s glory

💥So don’t be so Pitiful to people
🍀seasons differs

🌱Focus on Christ and ask for power from Jesus

🌈Nature of man differ from Nature of God. If we focus on Jesus all are troubles will be solved

🌻In Jesus suffering there was Salvation He was buried but he was a seed he rose on the 3rd day

📚We need to testify that Jesus is Lord

💃Let God give you testimony this easter and stop kunzwisa Tsitsi

🏃‍♀Dont run away from God because running away from God will worsen your situation- let’s humble ourselves and pray and wait upon the Lord

🔥Lets reach out to those rejected out there in our families, communities and our churches

🙏Lets pray for those countries hit by Corona Virus 🦠

✅Jesus will bring peace in our homes

✅ Jesus came so that we can be exalted

✅Lets attract Gods Grace by doing good

🙏Let thé cross have a meaning in our lives and let’s regain our strength

🤝ln our crisis God is still saying something… Jesus want to raise you juss Humble yourself and God will lift you up .

🤲 Just think about your situation and present it pamberi paMwari

In the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit


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