Wakaitei chinoita kuti Denga rigokurangarira (Easter Wednesday) – Pastor Chikwepe

Speaker : Pastor Chikwepe

Bible reading : Matt 26:6-13

Thème : Wakaitei chinoita kuti Denga rigokurangarira

🌴Lazarus died and Jesus came and raise him from the dead.

🌻Jesus came after 4 days after Lazarus died and Lazarus came back to life

💐Nomatter how our situations may look like , when there is no hope in the situation let’s invite Jesus

🗝Jesus performed miracles at Simon’s House a man who was given names because of his condition, let’s invite Jesus in our situations nomatter how bad the situation is

🙏ln these times where the world is ravaged by COVID 19, let’s look up to God when He comes everything will change

💃 Mary Magadalene
was remembered for anointing Jesus with expensive oil .-that’s where our theme is coming from – which is saying Wakaitei kuti urangarirwe nedenga. Mary annointed Jesus and everything changed.

🧺This harvest time what are you going to give chichakonzeresa kuti denga rikurangarire

🛒Lets value what we give unto the Lord

🍇It’s not a loss to give into the house of God

🤲Lets also give our parents, orphans in our community so that we will be remembered by God .

😇 When Mary poured expensive oil all her prayers were remembered and she was written in the books to be remembered so it’s good to do our best in the house of the Lord

Makaitei kuti denga rikurangarirei

Be blessed enjoy your Easter

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