Muteweri waKristu ngaazivikanwe neRudo (Maundy Thursday): Rev F Kamsono

Maundy Thursday Service

Speaker: Rev Farai Kamsono

Bible reading
John 13:34-35

Thème: Muteweri waKristu ngaazivikanwe neRudo

📚Thé purpose of book of John is to tell the history of Jesus , that Jesus is our Messiah, hé came to heal the whole earth.

✅Jesus is the bread of life, water of life
✳Maundy Thursday is the day when Jesus feetwashed his disciples and after feet washing he sat on the table for the Last Supper
💥Maundy simply means Command. To give a new commandment
✅A Command is a requirement – something to do whether you like it or not
🔥So the disciples were given this commandment to Love one another… when Jesus was going he said to disciples they should love one another and even to us we should love one another as our Lord Jesus Commanded

✍This commandment shows Servanthood… which means Jesus came and he served his disciples so we should also do that to others so the we will be blessed
🌹Love is shown by actions. Love is not love until you give it away

🙏 Jesus showed love when he healed the sick, when he had compassion to those who sinned and Jesus had compassion to those who cried which made Jesus to resurrect a boy who had died when the mother went to Jesus crying
🌻Jesus forgave our sins because he loved us

😍There are 3 types of love
1 Éros – which is husband and wife love
2 Filia love – which is brother and sisters love
And lastly there is Agape love which was the important one which our Lord and Saviour gave which shows unconditional love

✅God himself became a true example of showing Agape love when He gave us his one and only begotten son John 3:16 That’s a demonstration of love ❤

🍀We are all disciples of Jesus Christ, lets show this love in homes church and community

🤝A true disciple is known by helping others and a true disciple is not selfish- Kuzvifunga

😭In these difficult times of this Pandemic let’s help others by giving them hand sanitizers or giving spiritual support-

🤲it’s time to remember the poor

🌍Lets pray for the whole continent

🔥Love does not bring competitions in church’ but love accommodates everyone

🌈If you are a true disciple of God show love at your workplace, church, home to people whom you stay with

💪We are ambassadors of Christ

🙏God loves us yet we were
sinners and sent Jesus to die for our sins

🌻This message of Love should be preached here and beyond in this Easter season

Be blessed


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