The Importance of Lent – Ms Kawadza

Sunday 8 March 2020


Teaching by Tete  Kawadza


What is Lent




🍂Period of 40 days before Easter

🍂Begins on Ash Wednesday, it’s a period of meditation and reflection

🍂Symbolised by fasting and prayer

🍂There is spiritual preparation

🍂The 40 day period ends with Easter Sunday




🔥To be sorrowful over flaws and actions

🔥Being repentant, comes from the word repent

🔥The mark of ashes represents humility, when back in the day they wore ashes and sackcloth

✅This is gotten from the story of Tamar and also the story of Mordecai

✅Lent is 40 days long because of the significance of the number 40


✅40 days were spent by the spies in Canaan

40 years were spent in the wilderness by the Israelites

✅Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness


✅Lent is a kind of spiritual spring cleaning .

✅The Lenten sacrifice highlights our free will and how God’s love outweighs the power of sin.

✅Meditate, separate yourself and put in prayer

✨ Faith, Love and Hope✨

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