Mwari Wedu ndiMwari Chaiye – Rev Muchesa

Sunday 8 March 2020

⛪Sermon by Rev Muchesa

📖Bible Reading

Acts 17 verses 16 to 31

🔥 Mwari wedu ndiMwari Chaiye

🛐God exists and He loves us truly and He takes care of us

🛐Mwari wedu, ndiMwari wezuva, ndiMwari wemwedzi, ndiMwari wembereko, ndiMwari wemari. Therefore we don’t believe in the sun god and the moon gods and the like

🛐God is good, faithful and powerful. Do not be deceived. Mukaaaa!

🛐God is a God of seasons. Be patient and remain in prayer, for God’s time is the right time.

🛐People will definitely come and discourage you from your faith but remember to stay firm

🛐People may try and instill their opinions in you but do not be deceived. God is the God of all, the all powerful and all faithful.

🛐The Lord remains faithful and true to His Word 📖

🛐He is truly the One True Lord!🙇🏾‍♂🙌🏾. Think about how many times we waste time and put God in a corner.

✨ Faith, Love and Hope✨

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