Sermon Nuggets with Tatenda Zata

Sunday 1 March 2020

⛪Sermon by Evangelist Kamupira

(Muvhangeri Mukuru)

📖Bible Reading

Matthew 4 v 18 to 22

Mufundisi ndiani

Mufundisi munhu akadaidzwa, when Jesus saw them, he called them and said follow me

📖 Matthew 10 v 7 to 10

🌟Go and tell them that the Kingdom is at hand

🌟We need to take care of our pastors. God wants His people to be take care of appropriately because He called them

🌟Don’t go to the pastor empty handed but rather, give them gifts

Mufundisi munhu waMwari

☄Their job is to take care of us and our families

☄Do not be stingy towards them but accept them with joy and love.

☄They have been chosen by God and they come with blessings

📖 Mark 16 v 15 to 18

📖 Luke 10 v 3 to 7

📖 1 Cor 9 v 7 to 14

📖 1 Timothy 5 v 17 and 18

✨ Faith, Love and Hope✨

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