Ash Wednesday- Time to Repent

Wednesday 26 February 2020

⛪Sermon by Rev N Chikuni

It’s time to repent💪🏾🛐

✨ Bible Reading

📖Jonah 3 v 1 to 10
📖Isaiah 1 v 18

🎤Hymn 159🎶

🗣God is calling us to repent and improve our standards

🌚People have lowered the standard and this has corrupted us as Christians 🤦🏾‍♂

🔯Back in the day, they then took time to fast and wear sacks and tattered clothes symbolizing humility.

🔯Let’s learn from the past practices, so that we can appeal from God for mercy🥺

🔯God says in Isaiah 1, “Come, let us reason together with regards to your lack of purity”🙂

🔯Fasting and praying helps develop faith, brings about unity and humility in us as Christ followers😌

🔯Fasting and praying puts faith in action. Faith without works is dead!😣

🔯This is a time for appealing to God, accepting that we’re sinners and earnestly appealing for forgiveness

🚫 Try and find something that you can give up during this season of LENT. Examples include

1. Meat/favourite food🍖🥩🍕🍔
2. Can even be a weekly meal, Sunday breakfast perhaps?🍞🍳
3. Social Media🤳🏾
4. Bad habits, short temper, gossip etc


✨ Faith, Love and Hope✨

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