By Tapiwanashe O.P.Muchingami in Mutoko

Kunamata Kurongeka, kurongeka Kunamata is a statement that would be a great description of the life led by Mrs Ndaiziveyi Kahwa.

The testaments that came from all and sundry on her burial where just but a reflection of the life of a soldier in the Lord’s battle ground, a testament of a strong, enterprising woman who did not let life dictate her pace but that of a woman who dictated the pace of her life itself.

Having managed to take care of her children after the death of their father she proved to be a pivotal pillar for her family, her community in Katsukunya and church at Mutoko South UMC.

A lady now remembered for her love of Christ. A woman who called a spade a spade, was a great advisor to her family and community, preacher and a mother.

Such was the stature of the woman a whole entourage from Cranborne UMC led by Pastor In Charge Rev Dr Gift Machinga, the layleaders made the 143km plus long trip to Mutoko on Sunday to bid farewell to the late Mrs Kahwa, mother to circuit youth secretary and Harare East District youth world and friendship associate chairperson Daisy Kahwa who sadly passed away at the age of 65 last Thursday.

The first team comprising of UMYF Members arrived on Saturday 11 January 2020 at the Kahwa family home in Mutoko where they immediately brought the place to life with powerful music, giving friends and family an opportunity to remember the life of Mrs Kahwa. A sombre mood ensued when the body arrived with the whole family inconsolable as they came to terms with the departure of their pillar.

A service was held as Mrs Kahwa’s body lied in state with Rev Priscilla Gwenambira and Pastor Goodson Chipendo leading proceedings into the evening as people worshipped with Cranborne UMYF lifting people’s spirits in praise and worship.

Heavy rains that poured late into the night forced people to retreat into their resting places and cars.

When the rain stopped in the early hours of Sunday morning, the UMYF team helped prepare part of the meals that were to be served then retreated to sleep.

Early Sunday morning was a hive of activity as more people came from all walks of life to bid farewell to Mrs Kahwa.

In no time the whole homestead was filled with people and after breakfast the final service got underway with testimonies coming from friends and family who had nothing but testimonies of praise for the great woman.

It was a great sight as another contingent from Cranborne UMC comprising RRW, MUMC ,UMYF members and their advisors came with a delegation from the Harare East District UMYF executive led by Presidend Tariro Dandara and youth director Reverend Panganai Mapa also coming through.

The Cranborne MUMC Vabvuwi immediately took center stage as they sang for the congregation keeping everyone on their feet in song and dance.

Pastor Goodson Chipendo gave a powerful sermon amidst a heavy downpour of rain, reminding the family that they have to live on even after losing a mother, reminding congregants that everyone’s time to pass on shall come so they must live a godly life as the Bible teaches,striving to do good always.

After the rain stopped, Mrs Kahwa’s body was taken to her final resting place in a field very close to her home led by Rev Gwenambira, Rev Dr Machinga, Rev Mapa and other pastors present. She was laid to rest just before midday.

May her soul rest in peace.

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