Reverend Dr Gift Machinga last year decided to take stock of how many pieces of silverware are behind his chair and desk.

Inside the Pastor’s Office, to those that have never entered that part of the church premise, is a corner that resembles 30 years of history, a demonstration of excellence in a particular familiar field in the church set up – music.

Lined up is a rich trophy collection, spanning three decades many now permanently ours thanks to the sheer brilliance of the choirs in our church.

From the trailblazing Youth Choir of the early 2000s, the RRW Choir, the history making Cranborne MUMC and the main choir and now the Children’s Ministry Choir, there is a great representation of all these choirs and what they have brought to ensure Cranborne maintains its reputation as a singing church.

Rev Machinga counted 34 trophies and the task then was for the Cranborne MUMC Choir to ensure that number does not fall down when they successfully defended their conference music honours last year.

Cranborne has set standards in the Zimbabwe Episcopal Area musically and one of its celebrated legacies lies in its worship sense through music.

As it currently stands, Cranborne are the best singing church in all the four organisations at district level with the MUMC going a notch up to conference level.

Cranborne’s musical artistry has gone on to be appreciated beyond the church boundaries with the MUMC, UMYF and the Main Choir all producing musical albums along the way.

The Main Choir made waves in 1997 when they released their debut and only album The Lord is my Shepherd that was a popular mainstay on then Radio 2 (now Radio Zimbabwe’s) choral music show Mazwi Akaungana.

In 2007, the UMYF Choir released their debut album Tawana Shamwari, which also won hearts and was on constant playlists on many radio stations.

In 2013, the MUMC released their debut album MuKristu Wakanaka and have followed it up with their latest blockbuster album Jesu Anotida which continues to do well and received plaudits across the musical circles.

The Cranborne Young Couples Choir have earned their niche, gaining prominence thanks to their musical compositions on major events.

No wonder Cranborne is dubbed the home of music.

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