Sermon Nuggets with Tatenda Zata

Sunday Service: 20 October 2019

⛪Sermon by Mrs Tafadzwa Kamhunga

Bible Reading

📖Exodus 13:21-22

📖John 14:16-18

Stay in His Presence

✏Israelites were being led by Moses through the wilderness
✏God was there in their midst, 24/7
✏God would provide for their needs, through the day and at night
✏God would protect them

🔊In John, God said I’m going, but I’ll leave you an advocate
🔊God still cares for and takes care of us through His Holy Spirit

1. We need to be interested in being helped
2. There’s a need for a relationship with the Holy Spirit
3. We can call upon our Helper, “Mwari ndibatsireiwo”
4. We need to stay in His presence, at the cross, within the covering

🎤Padyo nemuchinjiko🎶

💯Only in His presence do we have grace
💯Only in His presence do we have power!
💯We can even command traffic lights!
💯Having a relationship with God allows even your steps to be directed
💯There is constant communication with God, a constant dialog in your heart

📖2 Corinthians 13 talks about fellowship with the Holy Spirit 💃🏾

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