Sermon Nuggets with Tatenda Zata

Sunday 13 October 2019

⛪Sermon with Mufundisi Govha ✨

📖Bible reading

✨John 11 verses 1 to 5
✨John 11 verses 17 to 34

Kumutswa KwaLazarus

Why does God allow us to suffer?🥺😔

📖Scripture Summary

-Instead of coming immediately, he takes 3 days
-Lazarus gets worse
-Lazarus then got buried before Jesus’ arrival
-Jesus only arrived after the funeral

Jesus only showed up after Lazarus was pronounced dead!

1. Let them declare first!
2. Jesus will swoop in at the last minute
3. A display of His POWER✨!

=>Power to raise the dead
=>Power to heal the sick
=>Power to change ANY situation

🔥In our lives, there are situations that have been declared dead
🔥There are hopeless situations that affect us
🔥Jesus can intervene in any situation!
🔥God’s time is the best!
🔥God’s power is supreme
🔥Kana Jesu asvika, anoshandura zvinhu!

🔥Keep the faith🔥

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