Good Relationships with Inlaws

✨⛪Sunday 15 September 2019

⛪Teaching with *Mrs Chombo*

*Good Relationships with inlaws* 😁

📖Exodus 20 verse 12
📖Matthew 5 verses 17 and 18

</> People need to accept that their spouse has a family from which they came🙃

</> Honor your parents. Jesus did not come to abolish the Law, but to fulfill it!✝

</> We get married into different kinds of scenarios, to which we will need to adapt.🙂

</> You are a part of your spouse, you are one❤🥰

</> You need to help your spouse when it comes to developments (That’s where good relationships start)💯

</> *Mending relationships is necessary*

</> Help with developments, assist with grocery🥭🥑🍈, cutlery🍴 and other small but essential things🤩

</> Visit them often, spend time with them because it is important👨‍👩‍👧👴🏾👵🏾

</> You need to assist with medical aid, funeral policies and other benefits.😌😎

</> As a Christian, you need to show deep care for your spouse’s and your parents alike❤

</> *_Kudza Baba naAmai, nomatter how difficult or complex it can be._*

</> *Koshesai hukama*

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