God’s grace keeps us going

⛪Sunday Main Service

⛪1 September 2019

📖Judges Chapter 6 verses 11 to 13, 17 to 19

📖2 Corinthinans Chapter 12 verse 9

*Mr Nakoma:* Grace keeps us going💪🏾😼

*Kupura zviyo muchisviniro chewine*

☝🏾We live in an abnormal society

☝🏾We all have a reason to thank God 🙏🏾

☝🏾We often get blinded😵 and fail to identify God’s hand in a situation

☝🏾Currently we’re in a economic crisis, much like in Gideon’s time

☝🏾Gideon obtained grace because in a time of famine, Gideon managed to harvest zviyo😇

☝🏾Fact is, God’s grace isn’t visible when things are perfect👀

☝🏾We can’t depend on council or government, but we depend on the grace of God

☝🏾In a bad economic situation, we’re still surviving💪🏾

☝🏾God says “I’m with you”… It doesn’t make sense, but it does🤷🏽‍♂☺

☝🏾God’s grace doesn’t make sense, His ways are above average.


✝Akatora pfuma yaanga akaviga🛐

✝Gideon saw the importance of giving

✝He understood the source of his possessions ~(God)~

✝”Ndodzosera kuti ndizarurirwe”

✝Chipo chinovhura misuwo, doors will surely open

✝Doors are opened through giving

✝God says “I am with you at all times “

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