Sermon Notes by Tatenda Zata

Sunday Sermon by Baba Mapingire

The Power of a seed

📖Genesis 8 verse 22
📖Psalm 24 verse 1

✍🏾God started off by creating… Seed was created on the third day😃
✍🏾Jesus was the seed of the woman, by the Holy Spirit 🔥
✍🏾The seed brought salvation. The power of a seed😲
✍🏾The seed is a packet of something large and powerful
✍🏾The future of anything is in the seed
✍🏾The seed is designed to reproduce into the future

God won’t keep creating, that’s why He created seed

✍🏾God starts with a seed!
✍🏾Be careful of what type of seed you plant

✍🏾There is a future in children, children are a seed
✍🏾The environment affects the development of a seed

Genesis 8 verse 22

✍🏾Giving can do what simple prayer cannot
✍🏾Your gift can affect what God says
✍🏾It’s not about what you give… It’s all about your heart
✍🏾There is no harvest without first planting a seed.
✍🏾If you postpone planting, you postpone harvest.
✍🏾To habitually harvest, you must habitually sow.
✍🏾God is the ultimate master, the owner
✍🏾The seed you give will be a ladder which you will climb on to into the future😲
✍🏾Be that starting point for future generations
✍🏾Sow the right thing into your children
✍🏾Declare progress into a situation!
✍🏾Fruit has seasons
✍🏾God seeks perfect obedience

1. A seed needs to die and be buried
2. The seed must be released
3. Don’t get attached to the seed
4. Seed has the force of life, seed cracks walls

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