Kuti tirarame zvinoda Nyasha – Mrs Nyambayo

Preacher : Mrs Nyambayo

Bible reading: Jude vs 5, Ruth : 1 vs 16-17

Theme: Kuti tirarame zvinoda Nyasha

Its remember the love of God. Time to give .

Cranborne can build a hospital because it has achieved a lot to date.

We are moving from glory to glory. We were once destitute but God had mercy on us.

If we found favour in the eyes of God what are we doing in response to God’s favours. Let’s thank our Lord for all what God has done in our lives.

Harvest is time to thank God

Naome had two daughters in-law but Ruth loved her mum in law and she said wherever you go l will go with you.

Let’s love one another to get God blessing, even our lives in Zimbabwe, we need Gods grace so let’s just give to the lord. Naome loved her sister in-laws and God blessed her later

Let’s tithe unto God to protect our job. Let’s secure our jobs with tithe and harvest thanksgiving and let’s get inheritance for our children.

We will harvest on Gods kingdom. Payback time will come.

Naome went with Ruth, and later Naome took care of her mother inlaw.
Ruth did it willingly in taking care of her mother in law.so in our lives let’s do Gods work willingly so that God will bless us in return

Ruth was later blessed when she got married to Boaz.

She was blessed and was a great grandmother of David, if we do good God will open doors in our lives

Let’s do hospitality to strangers and God will bless us.

If we give God our lives will never be the same again

Even David gave gold to gold and he was blessed

Let’s appreciate what we have in life.
Let’s feel humbled by our life experiences.

God wants you hv not what you don’t have

Lets asks God what we shld give. Let’s not give harp hazard but let’s wait God to speak to us what we should give.

God will not forget us when we give to him

We must give cheerfully , willingly and proportionate to what we have.

And above all let’s not forget to take care of our parents.

Let’s have s partnership with heavens so that God will take care of us.

Kuti tirarame inyasha

Let’s love one another as families.
Let’s love our God with all our minds and our souls .

Men love your wives
And bring in your harvest in happiness as families


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