Notes from Tatenda Zata

RRW Sunday

16 June 2019 Sermon 2: Pastor George Mutimaamba

Luke 19:1 to 10(Jesus and Zaccheus)


A wealthy society in Jericho
Tax collection wasn’t a respectable job because of the Romans being Gentile oppressors

Zaccheus was a corrupt tax collector, but he decided to look for Jesus and he found Jesus.

One: Names

💡Zaccheus was a disappointment to his parents, because his name means “pure” but his lifestyle was the opposite.
💡Do not tarnish your name and lose your purpose
💡Create a good record for your name… 💡So that the generationsto come will not struggle
💡You’re not living for yourself… It will affect the coming generations
💡Siya nhoroondo yakanaka
💡Set a good foundation for the coming generations
💡Build good relationships

Two: Wealth

🔊Wealth gained at the expense of a relationship is not worth it
🔊Wealth from God builds relationships… it doesn’t destroy them
🔊Wealth shouldn’t impress people that you don’t know.
🔊Wealth should benefit those closest to you
🔊Giving is like breathing… In and out
Receiving and giving, to avoid choking😧
🔊Wealth is from God
🔊Not all wealth is from unrighteousness
🔊Do not judge people based on the source of their wealth🐂💎

Three: Peace
☻Success from unrighteousness results in a lack of peace 🤕😭😓
☻Let’s be people of integrity, practicing righteousness
☻Nothing satisfies the soul like Jesus😁

Four: Obstacles and Priorities
⚠Tests lead to testimonies
⚠Not all obstacles are from Satan
⚠Sometimes a painful process is necessary
⚠God can be teaching you to appreciate blessings and grace
Example of buying out a bus 😂😂
⚠Learn to prioritise
⚠Invest in properties, do not make rushed decisions
⚠Do not make decisions based on a false image you want to portray
⚠Wait for God’s time

Five: Weaknesses
☝Do not boast about your weaknesses
Short temper, slow learner
☝Do something to overcome your weakness
☝Zaccheus came up with a strategy to meet his objective
☝Make a plan
☝People have different gifts, hence the need for relationships

“Zaccheus akamhamya”
Lost view of his status and dignity
He was humble
If you’re pompus, you can’t see Christ
👉Avoid pride

✌Attitude towards the lost either builds or breaks them
✌We need to be welcoming and loving towards the lost
✌The church is not a hotel for saints but it’s a hospital for sinners
✌Kutendeuka is a process, not an event

Six: Problems
🤗Problems differ and approaches must differ as well
🤗Rehabilitation, counselling and encouragement
🤗Stop bringing up the negative past
🤗Giving is a response to the grace of God
🤗There is need for amending relationships with people, a need to apologise to God and to people
Love over condemnation

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