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9 June Church⛪ School

Career Guidance in this unpredictable economy😩 by Mr Mwashita

Applies to all – School leavers, employees, entrepreneurs, graduates👷🏿

Money is turning out to buy less and less commodities while salaries are now only sufficient to meet and cover transport costs to work.

What is a career?

An activity which helps an individual survive for a long period of time.
It is important to have a job which one finds enjoyable and fulfilling.

Career choice: Careers are chosen based on popularity😇
This starts even in school, choice of subjects or choice of a degree program.

Can also be based on prestige, lack of choices or even circumstances

1. When deciding on a career, one should consider personality and thoroughly evaluate values and interests.
2. Aptitude: Consider one’s skillset and natural talent. This is to avoid facing frequent difficulties in the chosen career.

So now, is there a career problem in Zimbabwe?

There is over 90% of unemployment in the country, graduates are making a living out of something that they did not study or matching their area of study.

There is a shortage of skills and there is a lack of balance within the system.

There is also stiff competition of over qualified unemployed people who are looking for placements,

There is oversubscription in some courses because there is an excess of the labour market

When moving up the ladder, hunhu or culture is a common factor

Family chores are a must in any society😄

1⃣Problem solving aka “kuona zvekuita” is a mandatory skill
2⃣The use of available resources
3⃣Preservation of available resources
4⃣Developing the community
5⃣Improving standards
Wealth creation

Problem is that a graduate in Africa is someone who can remember things. Problem solving is in short supply

Creativity must be encouraged and curiosity leads to invention

The “humha👺” effect discourages creativity and curiosity

1. Graduating means one is now qualified to learn on their own😌
2. Start by assessing yourself and your environment 🐇🌏🌝
3. Unemployment is by choice (don’t be ashamed of work)
4. Appreciate dirty hands 👐🏿😁

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