Notes by Tatenda Zata

9 June Main Service⛪*

Luke 15 verses 25 to 32
Matthew 20 verses 8 to 16

Speaker: Rev N. Chikuni

Topic :Rudo rwababa kune vanhu

Hymn: 114: Huyai tizogara nhaka! – About inheritance

Prodigal son

🌟In our culture, it is inappropriate to request for inheritance from parent whilst the parent is still living. It is purported to wishing the death in advance in order to gain the inheritance.

Son came back after squandering his inheritance, but the father welcomed him with a big observance by killing a fattened calf, music and dancing

It really does not matter how long you have been coming to church or what role you play in church, the important thing is that, we are all working for the same reward🤗

🌟The role of the Church is to accommodate everyone with no discrimination, be it marital status, age, level of education or professional status. We are all equal in God’s eyes.

God loves us all, equally, regardless of our ranks in the society, families and in church🐇😁

We must all do good, and love one another😜

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