Story and notes by Lucy Nhire

Cranborne observed History and Communications Week on Sunday with Mrs Magura presenting a topic on cell phone etiquette.

Here are some of the pertinent points from the presentation.

Communication teaching

Teaching on cellphone etiquette

Cellphone etiquette is how we carry ourselves with our cellphones . It is the code of behaviour we portray.
We should show respect to the next person we are talking to.
When talking to elderly people you should not be fast. We should learn to listen.
Listening is a technique which everyone of us should learn. We should tone our voices when talking on cellphone.
Cellphone etiquette requires us to give one person from another end to speak not one person to continually talk.
Let’s begin our conversation with salutations and cordially say our goodbyes at the end. Luke 12:52 let our mouth speak good .

Let’s put our cellphones away when eating at dinner time so that we have family time.
You should avoid talking in public places like doctors waiting rooms.
Let’s respond to groups which we are in with dignity.
Lets be in control of our cellphones not our cellphones to control us.
Let’s not be addicted to the social media groups
It is also advisable when death notices are made to send our condolence messages to the affected individual and not pay our condolences on a social group.

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