Sermon Notes by Lucy Nhire

Sermon of day
Bible reading Gen 18 vs 1-3

Theme: Give me eyes to see.

Abraham was the father of many nations and he was promised that so many years and he hold onto faith because he had eyes to see that God will fulfill that. Our Lord is Lord of all. Abraham prayed and He saw Angels . Let’s pray that we see angels in our lives.
Let’s be real Christians in our homes and church. Associate yourself with Christians.
Hymn 153 says we will dwell in the house of the Lord no matter what.
Let’s not call names to ourselves or to our children. Let’s reverse what the devil has given us. Let’s refuse to be called names by the world . Abraham saw an opportunity in preparing food to an Angel and he was blessed
We should love our enemies and pray for them. We should have an eye which sees a bright future and let’s prophecy good to our children and let’s stop the habit of cursing our own children. Let’s pray for our small businesses and have an eye which sees greater things .
Know who you tell your stories before they go viral , have an eye to choose good friends. Ladies let’s pray for our husbands.
Let’s guard and watch even if you are in prison you need to know that one day you will come out of it. If we live a righteous life before God, no evil will come to you.

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