TAKE ACTION:RISE UP- 2 Kings 5:1 By Ashley Kawadza

We all have leprosy, sins covering our lives.

These include makuhwa, kupomba, kuba, kunyepa, not prioritising God only to mention a few,  with all these around us, Jehovha remains Jehovha, He remains God.

Recognise the leprosy you have, zvinzvere, search the heart, you need Christ.

He is the one who provides for our lives and indeed have time with God.

The church of God is failing to move because of members and leaders with leprosy,  in other scenarios, as Cranborne UMC members, we have social classes we place ourselves in, tinodadirana, hatikwazisane, there is need for us to unite and move as a family.

As youths in the church, let us take action, rise and participate together.

‘ tisave maKristu anotsikirira chivi nekuti takabikirwa tea’,  let us be christians who are full of boldness in Christ and who exhibit the authority from above.

Iva mukristu ane chiremerera not anorema, this even goes beyond where we spend our day today activities, at home, work places, with family only to mention a few.

In every aspect of our lives, be ye transformed and be renewed, you know the leprosy you have, go to the river, deep yourself and be cleansed.

Ukada kuita mapitse nepasi rino, satan anokupidigura.

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