Sections at Cranborne Circuit are putting final touches to their act ahead of the Section Music festivals slated for Sunday.

In what is going to be a rollercoaster event filled with emotion and celebration, sections have been meeting, some proverbially burning the night candle preparing for the musical feast which comes seven days before Cranborne celebrates its 30th anniversary.

The event will coincide with a special occasion as Cranborne will take time during the service to remember, celebrate and honour dearly departed heroes and heroines who have shaped the circuit’s history in the last three decades.

The music festivals are a brainchild of Harare East District through its worship committee, aimed at cultivating the culture of singing from section level, especially the singing of hymnal songs.

The programme is being done in all the 19 circuits and Cranborne will showcase its own during Sunday’s blockbuster service.

Uniform wise, sections will come clad in anniversary T shirts which are on sale as Cranborne continues to celebrate its anniversary.

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