Cranborne Circuit officially launched their 30th birthday anniversary celebrations in Sunday’s worship service.

Connectional Ministries Associate Chairperson Mr Nyasha Marange unveiled the grand plan of activities for the day.

In what is going to be a historic day, members will come drapped in commemorative T shirts which will go on sale soon with the day going to be capped by a massive luncheon.

The History and Communications Committee will flight a documentary on the day detailing the road the church has walked over the last 30 years with the history of the church going to be narrated over the course of the year through special supplements and stories.

The main celebrations will be held on March 31 with invited guests, sponsors and high ranking dignitaries expected to throng the home of music for a massive celebration.

Donations on the items raised are welcome and the church should forward their contributions to the Catering and Hospitality committee.

Cranborne will officially turn 30 tomorrow, February 5, 2019.

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