These are excepts and notes from the first sermon of the year by Mrs Mupingo

Jeremiah 29 vs 4 -12, John 6 vs 5-6

When your neighbour receives God’s grace, know that you are next. Dont be intimidated by what is happening elesewhere- God’s standard suparssess worldly standards. He is in control

In 2019, declare the goodness of God. If you are going to sour higher, nothing will stop the tide because He ensures that what He starts He sees it to its completion.

In days of lacking, that is when we harvest plenty through grace and sometimes its like you will be boasting. This year made an effort to stay in Christ and begin with Christ.

Stay and think positive for He can change tables for the better. Believe, fear not and dont be moved. This is the year of God’s goodness and He is in control and we shall flourish.

Stay in the spiritual realm and never walk by sight but by faith for its the year miracles will happen.

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