Cranborne MUMC’s greatest musical achievement came with its own testimony whose memories will live with those who participated in this arduous journey.

The choir left at 4am aboard a bus hoping to be in Nhedziwa by 9am.

Little did the choir know that what was to happen next was a glimpse of what was going to be a long day.

The bus crew noticed tyre issues in the back just after the roundabout close to Jaggers and promptly fixed them but those sitting in the back seat felt the continuous discomfort as the journey wore on.

The choir was in Mutare by 7.30am and had breakfast before proceeding to the venue.

Just before Matsororo, the back tyre burst but no one was hurt with the bus navigating itself to the venue.

On the way back just some kilometres off Mutare, the real drama started with one of the belts disengaging and the bus overheating.

It took close to four hours to get it done with the choir meanwhile sleeping in the bus while some found comfort under the bright stars of the night outside.

In that time, the choir started belting out worship songs close to where the problem was being fixed with Stewardship Chairperson Mr Joseph Mushambi getting the men into prayer mode as they prayed and worshipped, pending finality to the fault.

Around 1am, the bus was back on the road and within 15 minutes, another fault ensued.

This definitely was not part of the script and this time, it was dawning on the newly crowned champions that this was going to be an uneasy night back home.

Again, as they checked, the chairman Mr Kenneth Nakoma led the choir in prayers and song and before anyone knew it, the unfortunate breakdowns had actually degenerated into an all night revival.

Prayer points went beyond just the situation at hand as the men brought the organisation, their families, their lives and the church into the fore deep in the middle of nowhere in the dark environs of Zimbabwe.

Surely after hosting a successful All Night Revival just a fortnight ago, this was another revival set and match.

Eventually, around 4am, the bus found its rhythm and coasted faultlessly to arrive at Cranborne Circuit at around 6.30am.

Mr Nakoma describes the experience as a triumph over evil, saying it was not by mistake that the choir went through such an ordeal.

“Events before and after the festivals show the triumph of good over evil. We had two breakdowns including a tyre burst which means we could have easily failed to compete but God was with us.

I personally feel the breakdown was the Lord’s doing and we ended up having an All Night Revival. The Lord wants us to use this ministry to win souls and not for festivals only,” he said.

Indeed, one day those present will have a tale to tell to future generations that on the day the choir became the best in the conference, they saw the Lord in ways they never imagined, including enduring breakdowns and surviving a tyre burst.


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