As the church continues to reflect on the historic success of the Cranborne MUMC Choir, congratulatory messages and tributes continue to pour in with the main architects of this success reflecting on the momentous achievement.

Many have hailed the effort with a rallying call made for the choir to remain humble in victory.

When news broke of the win, Pastor In Charge Rev Dr Gift Machinga led the line in saluting the troops with a congratulatory message.

MUMC Worship Chairperson Mr Nyasha Prayer Marange, whilst expressing delight at the outcome, said the choir is dedicating this success to all the fallen choristers whose sacrifice and contributions over the years have made Cranborne the force it is, with two people getting special mention.

“We are dedicating these trophies to our departed heroes, especially Mr Samuel Machiri and Mr Ludwick Chinyere,”he said.

Machiri was instrumental in making Cranborne the dominant force it is when it comes to own choices deliveries, often picking out the not so common songs and arrange them into timeless classics which Cranborne has thrived on.

Chinyere, who sadly passed away in January this year, was the choir’s go – to – man when it came to ballot picking and this was the first festival the choir sang without him with the envious task of picking the ballot done this time around by Mr Takawira Maziti.

Amidst the celebrations in the bus, some went on to chant the names of Machiri and Chinyere, who was affectionately known as Luchin.

Marange went on to pay tribute to the choir for the tireless efforts rendered in achieving this mission.

“We want to thank God for the chance he gave us to be part of this historic feat. We had always fell short when it came to ZEAC MUMC accolades with our best being second years ago but the Lord helped us get these accolades which have eluded us all along.

Personally, i feel overjoyed and satisfied as i felt we deserved it after a spirited performance that came as a result of teamwork, hard work and unity.

To Marombe epaCranborne, may the Lord continue to take us higher in ministry. Let us rejoice our moment in the sun and remember to stay humble.”

Choir director Mr Liberty Maziti echoed the same sentiments adding that the change in focus was key in pulling out such a sensational result.

“I would like to appreciate the efforts done by Vabvuwi in practice. I am glad of such an achievement after years of trying. The best we did was second. We have now refocused ourselves as we go into these festivals. We are now focusing more on preaching through singing rather than being in competition mode. You realise that our own choices over the years bear witness to this and we aim to do more.

We thank Cranborne Church at large for the support and encouragement. As a person i feel so humbled to have scooped such a high position in the conference,” he said.

MUMC Chairman Mr Kenneth Nakoma said the victory boards well with the vision set out by the new leadership to take the organisation to the next level in worship which started with the successful all night revival.

” The way we sang our own choice led by the emotional Liberty Maziti drove the audience into a frenzy. One could feel the Holy Spirit as the majority in the audience started waving their hands in the middle of the song. That is something you dont find at festivals but at conventions. We all knew we had bagged that own choice.

The set piece was not so obvious as there was stiff competition from Zimre Park and Chikanga. Winning that set piece for the first time after years of near misses was purely ecstatic.

My word to the choir and our choristers is to remain humble and the Lord will lift us up. To the church, we are God’s servants and are here for you. You can invite us to your homes to sing and pray with you. We want to pay tribute to our pastors and the church for the support,” Nakoma said.




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