When the bus roars out of 18109 Dieppe Road tomorrow at 4am carrying the musical geniuses in Cranborne MUMC Choir, the fabled musical pursuit of greatness would have begun with the hope of a great ending come 5pm.

The destination will be Nhedziwa, Matendeudze out in Mutambara and the stage will be the Zimbabwe East Annual Conference Music Festivals.

By the time the musical force finishes their last music session tonight, all will be set for the mission at hand.

Cranborne have been great performers at this stage in previous years and the feeling is this will be no different, armed with a powerful own choice and a compelling rendition of the set piece.

The choir has been hard at work and at this stage, the level of preparedness is at an all time high.

The Reverend Dr Gift Machinga has been at the sessions rallying the troops on and his legendary words “Cranborne is in your hands” will definitely sit in many minds tonight ahead of this musical celebration.

Its not just a musical celebration, the organisation is reflecting on a milestone of 100 years in ministry, it does call for a carnival musical atmosphere.

Cranborne will not only represent themselves and the over 1000 strong membership at home, they also carry the hopes and aspirations of Harare East District with seven other choirs going to aid Cranborne in that mission.

The mood in the camp is high with lots of banter along the way as they went about their business, the real show is on tomorrow.

Indeed, Cranborne is now in your hands Vabvuwi.

Its time to deliver. The church indeed will solidly be behind the choir from home, taking advantage of the social media platforms to witness the action.

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