Once upon a time, our worship services used to have a familiar and recognisable voice which used to bellow from the front right side of the church pulpit.

There used to be two special chairs different from the fixed ones which are part of the modern day Cranborne sanctuary.

Those chairs were a preserve of two women, two giants of faith part of the narrative of our great circuit.

One of the occupants was Mrs Doreen Katema, recognisable due to her stout nature, big as well in spirit.

Then there was the other chair, which used to have the huge frame too of one Mrs Agnes “Mbuya Ndizvo” Dlamini.

Mbuya Dlamini had one distinct characteristic about her – her charisma and presence.

A distinct ululation and a huge roar of “Ndizzzvvvooo Mabasa” would resonated with Cranborners back in the day and only one person was synonymous with that – Mbuya Dlamini.

Her history can take diaries to foretell. She was a colossus.

Some things come with being part of the fabric of a church she helped form in 1989.

Cranborne was her life, she breathed Cranborne, she lived Cranborne and the RRW will attest that they follow some of the ideals from her.

She was a woman of valour, a woman of prayer and by the time she went to the Home of Homes, eulogies painted a picture of a woman of focus, one who even sacrificed quality family time for the cause of faith.

She was part of the renaissance of the RRW choir that soared to greatness at the turn of the new millenium, winning musical accolades along the way and despite advanced age, she was there every step of the way with her calming presence.

Born on 9 June 1936, Mbuya Ndizvo departed to eternal glory on 6 October 2013 at the age of 77 leaving lots of great memories for a woman who defined the soul of a young but now recognisable circuits in the Zimbabwe Episcopal Area.

On November 27, 2016, the church named the kitchen the Agnes Dlamini kitchen in honouring her contributions to the founding of this great circuit.

Catering and Hospitality are the greatest users of that kitchen and it is named after a circuit icon, legend and chorister who on Saturday, the church remembered five years to the day she left the face of the earth.

Her legacy continues to live long and it is on her ideals and legacy this beloved circuit thrives to follow.

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