We are delighted as the History, Archives and Communications Commitee at Cranborne United Methodist Church to introduce to this innovative dimension in terms of our focus area in ministry in the form of a website.

After years doing the necessary groundwork, the project which we had envisioned since 2015 has finally taken shape.

Part of the long term vision of the committee was premised on the 3Cs which we called Collaborate, Communicate and Conserve in line with provisions which will lead in the church meeting its obligations in this work area.

Already, the Communicative C has beared the much desired results with the Facebook page being the go to area when it comes to information related to the circuit with programmes and activities getting consistent engagement from locals and those across the globe.

We are the first circuit in the Zimbabwe Episcopal Area to broadcast a live service on Facebook in 2017 and we have been recognised as the most followed on social media.

We have in ensuring years opened a Twitter handle and recently an Instagram account as we aimed to reach a wider audience.

The realisation of the website completes the jigsaw puzzle long put in motion for years and brings exciting opportunities for the circuit.

Now, you will be a click away from your preferred social media site for everything Cranborne and with this innovation comes the long awaited return of news content, convenient and accessible.

We can never do this alone. Your input and support in terms of content creation  is crucial hence the Collaborative C of our vision. Teamwork always bring success.

We believe that today’s story is tomorrow’s history and our proud history will have a new home here. Talk of the last of the C family – Conserve.

We are indeed a church founded on humble begginings and it is on firm foundations that we intend to move forward making history and inspiring future generations on the essence and heritage of this great circuit.

Be part of the revolution.

We lead, others follow!





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